Civil Engineering

Our Civil Engineering Department is comprised of three smaller civil engineering design teams headed by Susanne Cooper, Kinsey Hensley, and Jim McCoskey.

We boast ten licensed professional engineers in the department and a complete team of Engineers in Training and CAD specialists.


Some examples of Civil Engineering services include but are not limited to:

    • Road Widening & Road Design
    • Sewer and Storm drain Design
    • Waterline and Pipeline Design
    • Preliminary Engineering Studies
    • Hydrology Studies
    • Grading and Drainage Plans
    • Utility Plans
    • Water & Wastewater System Modeling
    • QSP Inspections
    • Water Studies & Fireflow Tests
    • Infrastructure Constraints Analysis
    • Tentative Tract Maps
    • Stormwater Prevention Plans
    • SQUIMP studies
    • Bike, Pedestrian Paths & Trails
    • Civil Improvement & Circulation Design
    • Hydraulic Design/Analysis of Structures, Rivers, and Creeks
    • Analysis of channel and wetland restoration
    • Bio-technical Channel Stabilization


Our Survey Department has a combination of field and office survey staff who seamlessly work together to provide high accuracy mapping and construction services.

The field survey crews run the ground with state-of-the-art Trimble survey equipment while our office survey staff produces mapping and construction documents with AutoCAD Civil 3D computer software.


Some examples of Surveying services include but are not limited to:

    • Base Mapping & Topographic Mapping
    • ALTA Surveys
    • Boundary Analysis
    • Aerial Survey Control
    • Lot Line Adjustments
    • Lot Mergers
    • Sketch & Legal documents
    • Construction Staking
    • Drone photography


Our Planning Department brings a range of tried and true expertise, technical knowledge, and project management skills to assist the public, private, and non-profit sectors in realizing project goals.

We bring proactive project solutions with in-house technical & design skills, land use knowledge, and team members with decades of experience in both private- and public- planning sectors. We work collaboratively with our clients, engineers, surveyors, and other design disciplines from project inception in order to deliver multi-disciplinary solutions that save time, money, and identify potential design/regulatory challenges before they arise. Our Planning Department has over 60 years combined experience, with two AICP Certified Planners and one AICP Candidate on staff.

Some examples of Planning services include but are not limited to:

    • Land Use Entitlements & Permit Processing
    • Tentative Tract Maps & Parcel Maps
    • Lot Line Adjustments & Lot Mergers
    • Zone Changes & General Plan Amendments
    • Specific Plans
    • Community & Campus Master Plans
    • Contract Planning Services for Government Agencies
    • Site Designs & Land Planning
    • Conceptual Designs & Alternatives Analysis
    • Community Outreach & Charrettes
    • Affordable Housing Entitlements & Funding Application Assistance
    • Land Use Research & Due Diligence Analysis
    • Master-Planned Community Design
    • Specific Plan Documents
    • 3D Visualizations and Photo Simulations
    • Building Permit Processing
    • Terrain & Preliminary Grading Analysis

Construction Management

Our Construction Management Department assists private and public sector clients with construction projects from bid assistance to ribbon cutting.

In many cases, we are the planners, surveyors and engineers for a project since day one, and with our Construction Management Department, we take it a step further: we ensure the project designed and permitted is contracted and constructed correctly. We take the lead in getting a project to bid, project scheduling, cost management, quality management, contract administration, safety management, implementing project controls and developing communication protocols. In our engineered construction documents, we have built-in solutions for issues that can arise in construction phases, however, in plans created by others and our own, contractors will invariably have issues requiring attention, there will be disputes and claims – how those are proactively identified, contracted for, handled and solved is the key to successful project construction.


Some examples of Construction Management services include but are not limited to:

  • Public Infrastructure Projects
    • Municipal Governments
    • County Governments
    • Conditional Use Permits
    • Street widening
    • Water and Sewer Pipelines
    • Streets, new construction and improvements
    • Stormwater infrastructure projects
    • Utility relocation
    • Site and Terrain Analysis
  • Private Infrastructure Projects
    • Residential
    • Commercial
    • Institutional
    • Agricultural
    • H.O.A.

Water Resources

Our Water Resources Engineering Department is one of five departments under one roof in our firm and is headed by Jim McCoskey, P.E., QSD

Our firm has teamed with several municipal governments, public works agencies and water companies to provide consulting and engineering design services.


Some examples of Water Resources services include but are not limited to:

    • Waterline and Pipeline Design
    • Hydrology Studies
    • Water & Wastewater System Modeling
    • Hydraulic Design/Analysis of Structures, Rivers, and Creeks