Glass House Nursery

Jensen Design & Survey, Inc. has performed civil engineering design, permitting and construction assistance for several key projects at the Glass House Group’s 160-acre facility located in the Oxnard Plain. Since their inception in 1996, we have been instrumental in the company’s infrastructure including the original Phase 1 greenhouse which is a 20-acre metal and glass greenhouse for crop production. Currently, the overall facility grows cannabis, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

Other projects include packing, cooling, and loading facilities. More recently, we assisted with their Phase 5 & 6 greenhouse expansion which became a gold standard for greenhouse installations worldwide. Also, we recently assisted in permitting efforts for conversion of half of the greenhouse space to cannabis production. To power these operations, we assisted in the design, permitting, and construction staking for three Combined Heat and Power Tri-Generation units which increase crop yields, further the facility’s position as an industry leader in sustainability, and provide much needed power to the California electrical grid.