Westview Village Affordable Housing

Westview Village was the first public housing property to be constructed in the City of Ventura, with the first 100 units completed in 1952 and an additional 80 units by 1961. The original development consisted of 48 residential buildings, a community center, and the Housing Authority office. In an effort to preserve housing affordability and improve neighborhood infrastructure, the 21-acre Westview Village was redeveloped and the first phase of construction began January 2017.

Jensen Design & Survey, Inc. was contracted to provide civil engineering services for Phases 1 through 3 of the Westview Village affordable housing redevelopment project for the Housing Authority of the City of San Buenaventura. The redevelopment replaced 180 existing outdated residential units with 320 modern units, senior housing, and a community space providing an attractive affordable housing solution for the residents of Ventura. JDS has been involved in the project since the first phase in 2015 and provided full improvement plan sets, hydrology reports, and construction engineering to acquire a grading permit and move the project through to completion. Designs were kept tight and efficient to maximize building efficiency, and infiltration chambers were used to satisfy NPDES requirements underground to maximize above-ground space for the community. A unique reverse catch basin storm drain was creatively designed when elevation and utility conflicts were encountered during construction. We coordinated closely with the Client, Contractor, Architect, and Landscape Architect to ensure the Civil work was complimentary to the vision of the project.