Riverpark Senior Living (Clearwater Senior Living)

Clearwater Senior Living at Riverpark is a 136-unit independent living community in Oxnard, California. The community offers resort-style amenities such as an onsite pool, spa, theater, restaurant, bistro, sports bar, and salons.  This fast-paced project was entitled, designed, and constructed on a very tight timeline to accommodate growing need for senior housing.  Clearwater sits on 4.27 acres and is zoned Residential-High Density. The project team worked closely with the City of Oxnard to agree upon parking ratios for this type of use.  Jensen Design & Survey, Inc. helped facilitate the entitlements, final design, and construction with responsibilities that included: Grading Plans, Domestic Water System, Fire Water Pump, Fire Water System Design, Stormwater Treatment, Storm Drainage and Sanitary Sewer Design.