In Honor and Loving Memory

William L. Jensen, P.E.

1922 – 2016

“In April of 1976, Mr. Jensen gave a 19 year old kid employment as a draftsman with Jensen Engineering in downtown Ventura. Yes, that kid was me and that job lasted for 15 years until Mr. Jensen retired in 1991 at which point I went to work for his son Don for another 10 years. I owe everything to Mr. Jensen for giving me a chance and putting up with me. I will NEVER, EVER forget him. Sir, you were simply the best, Rest In Peace!

—Ralph M.

“Bill genuinely cared about all of us as members of the Jensen family.  I will miss his smile.”

—Lisa W.

As a true engineer – He showed me one day that he was calculating a vertical curve by hand.  I told him I could show him how to do it automatically in the computer.  He said, “I know.  I’m checking it to make sure it’s right.” 

—Ava E.

“I’ve known Mr. Jensen for 40 years.  He was part of a generation of engineers and surveyors who built this county.  The respect they received from the agency personnel, their peers and their employees reflected the quality of person they were.  I can’t recall ever hearing Mr. Jensen speak ill of anyone.  He always had a smile and a kind word.  You were family first, employee second.” 

—Rick G.

“Bill was a true Gentleman, he loved to laugh, he was so funny, AND very wise, – also he loved to get kisses. Rest in Peace my friend.” 

—Alisha T.

“A great man, with a great legacy and family behind him!” 

—Robert T.

I met Mr. Jensen in 1976. I was working for an architectural firm that did work with Jensen engineering. The first time I met him, I thought he was one of the most genuine people I had ever met. He was actually responsible for my husband and I meeting through our respective companies in 1978 and was quite proud of that accomplishment. I was fortunate enough to work for Mr. Jensen for several years and it was a pleasure to go to work every day. That continues to this day working for Mr. Jensen’s son, Don. He has left a wonderful legacy and will always be remembered as one of the best people in my life. RIP my dear friend.” 

—Sharon M.

“Bill Jensen,

Humorous and kind,

That is how you will stay in my mind,

United with others now in a different sphere,

You will probably pursue some engineering there!”

—Maren C.

As surveyors, we rely heavily on the work and integrity of our predecessors – always enjoyable to ‘follow in the footsteps’ of such a professional as Bill Jensen.  He was a true credit to his profession, family, and community.  We will miss and honor you.” 

—William H.

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